Friday, February 27, 2009

Hi! Welcome to my brand new blog. If you've linked here from a comment on someone else's blog, feel free to drop me a line. Just a warning - I don't post very often, because I find that I write more offline when I'm writing less online.
I currently have one manuscript, Little Fish, on the back-burner while I'm working on a new story's first draft. Hopefully once I'm finished with this draft, I'll be able to get back to polishing Little Fish and it will be ready for submission. Here's the query for it if you're interested:

A coroner discovers that there's a killer in the water, and what's worse, it might have knocked her up.

In the small lake town of Ira , Pennsylvania , Evie Dalton just started her first case. It's an old man, sitting in his easy chair with a dagger in his heart. The problem – he's frozen solid, and everything in his house is wet. She sees a man, standing out on the lake, staring up at her. Sure, she could go get the Sheriff, but this is her first case, and she wants to impress. She goes down to ask the man a few questions, and that's when the real trouble starts.

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